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Customize Icon for Your Pendrive/Thumdrive

Pendrive or Thumbdrive is one of most important gadget for everyone who often use computers and internet and whenever you plug your pendrive/thumbdrive into computers, you will see that your pendrive icon at "My Computer" like this:

Actually this is a simple tutorial, but since I've found there are a lot of people still want to know how to customize their own icon for their pendrive/thumbdrive, this guide will teach you how to do it.

  1. First of all you will need an image or photo that you wanted to be your pendrive/thumbdrive icon. For examples you want your photo to become your, okay here is my photo and I wanted it to become my pendrive/thumbdrive icon.

  2. The photo above has been re size, now you need to crop the photo into square. Make sure all side has same pixels. For example the my photo below I've crop it into 155 x 155 x 155 x 155.

  3. Then you upload your photo to http://www.favicon.co.uk/ and convert them into icon files. You can choose the size of your icon. Then download it into your computer.

  4. Next open "Notepad" and then type the text as below, change the "icon_name" into your own icon name, example your icon you've download named "myicon.ico", replace the "icon_name.ico" into into "myicon.ico".

  5. "Save as" the notepad into "autorun.inf" without quote. Change the "Save as type" into "All files".

  6. Place both "autorun.inf" and your icon files (eg: myicon.ico) in your pendrive/thumbdrive, if you want to hide it, just right click on it and choose "hidden" options.
  7. Unplug your pendrive/thumbdrive and plug it again in your computers, if you've not doing anything wrong, you will see the icon for your pendrive/thumbdrive has changed.


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