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How To Download Torrent Effectively

How many of the times you downloaded your favorite torrent .. only find that there is very minimum seeders ... or possibly dead !!!

How many times have you got stuck at 99.9% ?? or 20% whatever it may be !!

Worry no more.. Here is a solution to all that ..

Here is what you do :

( I would advice for all the torrent users before downloading a torrent file , use the below method to see how many trackers are there and , i would also advice to use this method , as there is a increase in speed .... since seeders are more )

First you find the torrent you want say for eg in my case Ubuntu-7.10-(Gutsy) ** " Big Cough " ** [ Damn the weather ]

I went to public torrent tracer.. and found that torrent... now is the important part

Step 1

Download your torrent file (*.torrent) and dont start the torrent now .. just download the file...

Step 2

Go to btReAnnounceR

Step 3

Upload the *.torrent you downloaded just now in it and Hit Upload

Step 4

Now you will see all the related trackers for that torrent file other than the source of your torrent file you downloaded ( REMEMBER :If there isn't any other source ... then its worthless adding the same tracker.... )

Step 5

Select the trackers of your wish and Hit ReAnnounce ( Its waste to add the same tracker from the same site... for eg : vip.thepiratebay.com , public.thepiratebay.com , etc.... since all these trackers from the same domain track the same file.... )

Step 6

Now it will present with ReAnnounced Torrent File , Download it and load it into your Download Client...

Thats it... you have added all or some trackers other than the original tracker assoicated with the *.torrent file you downloaded initially

Now you will never Dry up of Seeders...

The same thing goes to dead torrents ...

You stuck with some level in your torrent download .. just upload the torrent and download the reannounced torrent and load it again onto your client in which u are downloading the torrent and remember to point to the already available downloading file instead of creating a new one ....

Advantage :

*** Since you add Trackers in the First place itself ( for who start the torrent intially by this method ) they will have great seeders

*** Chances of getting stuck at xx.xx % is very less

*** Improved speed

*** Older torrents / Dead Torrens can be Revived ... ( to some extent atleast , depends again on trackers , seeders... )

*** Since multiple Trackers are involved , tracker related problems are nearly solved...

Disadvantage :

*** This works very poorly on private torrents ... as the tracker are within the private trackers ... so very limited of external trackers...

*** Not all torrents have so much of other trackers ... so you should be lucky in those cases.


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