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Google Search Tricks

Google is one of most best search engine site on the internet, you can search almost everything using this search engine but most of internet users didn't know how to do it, how to search it because in order to search anything on the internet using Google, we need to search using some special strings with certain keywords.

Here Are Some Trick Of Google.com to Search Your Desired:

1-Trick "intitle:index of" :
  1. Open http://www.google.com
  2. Type in the search bar "intitle:index of"
  3. Beside the "intitle:index of" type ex : nero
  4. Click search and open the first page example and click on it and see whats happen...

-Trick inurl:"viewerframe?mode=refresh"
  1. Open http://www.google.com
  2. Type in the search bar inurl:"viewerframe?mode=refresh"
  3. Click search VOILA you will get a list of webcams in the world click on one and see what is happening...
-Trick intext:"UAA (MSB)" Lexmark -ext:Pdf
  1. Open http://www.google.com
  2. Type in the search bar intext:"UAA (MSB)" Lexmark -ext:Pdf
  3. Click search VOILA list of printers click on one and you will see the information about it and many more things
4-Trick inurl:/view/index.shtml
  1. Open http://www.google.com
  2. Type in the search bar inurl:/view/index.shtml
  3. Click search VOILA a big list of ACTIVE webcams
Below are other keyword list that can be used in searching with google for funs try it and if you're lucky, you will find something really interesting.

"Index of /admin"
"Index of /password"
"Index of /mail"
"Index of /" +passwd
"Index of /" +password.txt
"Index of /" +.htaccess
index of ftp +.mdb allinurl:/cgi-bin/ +mailto
filetype:config web
gobal.asax index
allintitle: "index of/admin"
allintitle: "index of/root"
allintitle: sensitive filetype:doc
allintitle: restricted filetype :mail
allintitle: restricted filetype:doc site:gov
inurlasswd filetype:txt
inurl:admin filetype:db
top secret site:mil
top secret site:mil
confidential site:mil
allinurl: winnt/system32/ (get cmd.exe)
intitle:"Index of" .sh_history
intitle:"Index of" .bash_history
intitle:"index of" passwd
intitle:"index of" people.lst
intitle:"index of" pwd.db
intitle:"index of" etc/shadow
intitle:"index of" spwd
intitle:"index of" master.passwd
intitle:"index of" htpasswd
intitle:"index of" members OR accounts
intitle:"index of" user_carts OR user_cart

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