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Windows Vista Tips and Tricks

You can’t say that the reign of Windows XP is finally over but you can certainly say that the reign of Windows Vista has just begun. I guess its time to discover new tips and tricks related to the new Windows Operating System rather than digging out the old ones which were related to Windows XP. Windows Vista is new and needs tweaking and pampering so here are some exclusive Windows Vista tips for you that can help you get a more dynamic Vista experience. Disable UAC (User Account Control)

To disable those annoying action confirmation popups in Windows Vista you need to disable UAC (User Account Control). To do that

1. Open Control Panel
2. Type “UAC” in search box and open it
3. Uncheck the box that says “Use User Account Control (UAC)” and restart

Have Two Windows on the Screen Simulataneously

You can have two application windows open at the same time side by side if you just follow the trick

1. Open an application window
2. Open an another application and hold CTRL
3. Click the application window you want it to title with
4. Choose the desired Style

Flip Windows in 3D (Alt+Tab alternative)

In Windows XP there was a simple and fast trick (Alt+Tab) to easily switch between applications but in Windows Vista there is a Flip 3D feature which lets you switch been application Windows in 3D environment.

Just Hold Windows Start Key+Tab to perform this cool and useful effect.

Change Functionality of Start Menu Power Button

You can easily change the functionality of the Start menu power button in Windows Vista. Just follow the simple steps

1. Go to Control Panel
2. Switch to Category view
3. Click System and Maintenance
4. Under Power Options click “Change what the power buttons do”
5. Set up the actions accordingly and Save changes

Use Check Boxes to Select Multiple Files (CTRL alternative)

Instead of using CTRL to select multiple files at once you can use the check box feature in Windows Vista to do the same job. Can be useful if your keyboard goes bye bye for some reason and you need to select multiple files urgently

1. Open Start menu and click Computer
2. Click Organize and choose Folder and Search Options
3. Click the View tab
4. Check “Use Check Box” Setting to activate this feature
5. Hover over file names or thumbnails to see the Check Boxes

Change Volume Level of each Indivisual Application

You can change the Volume Level of each Indivisual Application in Windows Vista and it is very easy to do

1. Open the application window and highlight to set it as active
2. Right click the speaker sound icon in taskbar
3. Click “Open Volume Meter”
4. Use the “Applications” Volume bar to change the volume of active application window

Set Multiple Clock Time Zones

Windows Vista gives you the ability to set multiple clock time zones at once and here is how to do it

1. Right click time icon in taskbar
2. Select Adjust Date/Time
3. Select “Additional Clock” Tab
4. Check the box and set your desired date/time

The time zones will be shown in tooltips

Use Flash Memory to Boost Performance
1. Plugin your Flash memory
2. Open Start menu and click Computer
3. Right click the device and click Properties
4. Select “ReadyBoost” Tab and choose “Use this device”
5. Use the bar to set the amount of space you want to use to boost your PC performance


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