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Way to Get Everydays Earning With Linkbucks

Okay, since a lot of people keep asking me how did I got everyday earnings with linkbucks, I'll share with you some of tips and tricks to get money online with linkbucks, for those new with this program, you can refer to my previous post "Make Money Online with Linkbucks" to understand basic ways in this online money making program.

First of all, I want to "show off" my daily earnings with linkbucks, take a look at image below:

From the screen captured image above, you can see, my daily earnings just average 1 dollar per day, but think it positively, it is better than you got nothing and keep wasting everything you share on the internet with other users through forums, blogs, profile comments and many more.

Here is some ways to generate earnings from linkbucks:

  1. Forwarded Email - I believe many of you have received a lot of forwarded email or you forwarded it again at could be hundreds of your friends. For example, you received an email containing funny photo, why don't you convert links to that photo into linkbucks, what you need to do just regenerate that email which contains thumbnails image that viewers need to click on it to see the larger image. Imagine you've forwarded 10 image to 50 peoples, how much you'll get?
  2. Video Marketing - Create a simple video and then upload it to video sharing sites, get list of hot video sharing sites at OVG, then upload them. Remember to place links at the video descriptions. Remember, create a video with hot stuff, for example a latest movie trailers, screen shots, games preview, slideshow of interesting photos etc... Refer to image below for an examples.

  3. Social Networking - If you are popular guy/girls, you can join any social networking sites such as Friendster, MySpace, Hi5, Tagged and many more and then convert all links at your profiles page for examples your photos or any links. Believe me, you'll get a lot of clicks from this method.
  4. Social Bookmarking - Well, what you could bookmark your video page and give some comments about its.
  5. Forums - Join and activate yourself at any forums which you like and interest, place your linkbucks links at your signature or photos.
  6. Email Signature - Well, at least you can customize your mail signature such as "Visit My Profile Pages" which redirect to your Friendster profile pages through linkbucks links.
Okay, that some of way that I've often used to earn money with linkbucks, for your informations, there are other linkbucks members can earn up to 10 dollars per day just for sharing links, perhaps you consider that just a little amount of money but it is better than nothing. Click here to join linkbucks now and start to earn money with linkbucks.

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