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Get a Full Offline Websites

Sometimes we want to have everything from a website so we can access the site off line with all site structure and items available for browsing. To be able to do this, I recommend you to use Grab-A-Site. Grab-a-Site 5.0 is a file-based Offline Browser that combines speed, stability, and powerful filtering capabilities. If you need an industrial-strength tool that can download an entire web site while retaining the original filenames and directory structure , Grab-a-Site is for you!

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CONTROLLED downloading to the detail!

Downloading web pages and all their supporting files (such as graphic files, sound files, etc.) by hand can be inconvenient, time consuming and frustrating.

Blue Squirrel's Grab-a-Site addresses these problems by allowing you to download a quantity of information or an entire web site to your hard drive.

Downloading can be done in off peak hours when access lines are available and less expensive. The data may then be edited, browsed, studied, or used in any way offline at your convenience.

This makes the use and modification of the information gathered more economical and efficient. It is simple to use and cost effective for anyone working with web content.

Get a fresh copy of Grab-A-Site from Bluesquirrel.com.


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