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Grab Any File from a Website

A website sometimes trying to avoid they content from distributed to public. Normally content such as ShockWave file for their banner, stream video such as FlashVideo file and many kind of private content. But for some sites, we still can grab the content depending method they used to prevent user or surfer from downloading it.

We need to know what is the file extension that we want to download, for example we want to download flash animation and the extension is ".swf", then at our browser, we go to "View" and choose "Source" for IE and "Page Source" for Firefox. Then it will show the HTML for the site in a notepad, then go to "Edit" and choose "Find" or simply Ctrl+F and type the extension for the file we needed(.swf, .flv, .exe, .msi, .gif, .jpg .mp3 .mov etc....).

After we found the full links of the file we want to download(it should be looked like this http://adress.com/filename.extension name i.e:http://www.google.com/image/imageno1.gif) we can grabbed it or download it. You can use download manager software. I recommend you to use Internet Download Accelerator for better results.

If the file we want appear in popup menu, we still can grab the file by viewing source of the page containing the popup menu button of the file we wanted and find the extension keyword then wallah! You can grab it.


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