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Problems in Joining Video Files

Many movies that downloaded from file hosting site such as megaupload, rapidshare or sendspace has been split into many parts because the file size is too large and exceeded limit file size for upload (For example rapidshare limited 100MB for each file uploaded). So we need to download all part of file before we can join them and enjoy the movies.

Many users use winrar to join the file and the results is, the file joined cannot be played or crash. This happen because sometimes the file you downloaded are splitted not rared. Yes, winrar can open the file but the file you joined with winrar are useless and sometimes crashed.

To fix this problem, you can use HJSPLIT to join multiple video files. But it is better you try join them using winrar first because it is depending to the extension of the video file you've download whether it can be joined with winrar or HJSPLIT. To find out how to use HJSPLIT, click here.

Another applications that you can use to join video files is File Splitter and Joiner. You can download them here. This applications mostly used to join file with extension .__a to .__x.


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