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Watch A Movie Without Downloading All Parts

So you have a movie you want to watch from rapidshare, but you don't want to wait the 10 hours to download all parts.

Here's what you do

1) Download part 1 of the rar archive

2) Once downloaded, right click on it, on the dropdown menu select
"Extract files..."

3) On the menu that comes up, check "Keep broken file".

4) Hit OK, it will start to extract (enter a password if needed) and once it gets to part 2 you will get the normal error message.

5) Hit cancel, close, etc. Get the boxes out of the way.

6) There will be a new folder on your desktop, or where ever you choose to extract to, containing the folder and the first 15 minutes or so of the movie. You can watch part 1 while part 2 is downloading, etc.

This is also helpful for checking the quality of movies.

This tricks works for any file which is splitted using winRAR, the extension will be ".rar", but if the movie file is splitted using hjsplit , simply remove the ".001" extension and play it with Media Player Classic.


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