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No Waiting when Downloading with Rapidshare

Copy the code below.

@echo off
echo ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /flushdns
echo ipconfig /release
ipconfig /release
echo ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /renew

Open Command Prompt(Go to "start", choose "Run" and type cmd at Open box and press enter)

Paste the code given.

Then try to re download from rapidshare.

New Founded Trick!

Use proxy browser called TORPAK..it can change permanent IP to static IP. So just when you restart your browser you will have new IP... you can also set intervals between changing your proxy...so now download multiple files at d same time......it also has integration of IDM with it..

Tip: You have to close this perticular browser than open again and it will start downloading from RAPIDSHARE again no need to disconnect..

There are also one single way you can use is by using Rapidshare Bypass that you can download here or you can try to use Rapidshare Automatic Downloader.


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