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Why Does a Virus/Spyware/@dware Keep Coming Back

Has it ever happened with you ?

You scan your computer for viruses, spyware and adware,the software you use finds them and then you remove or quarantine them,but after some time when you again scan you see that the same virus or spyware or adware has been again found by your software.

This happens repeatedly,even though you carefully delete the virus or spyware from your system,it does come back again?Now the question is that why does this happen?

Well the reason behind this is the feature in Windows Xp called System restore.Seems very simple but it isnt.What system restore does is that it saves a copy of the virus/spyware even though you delete it.So the virus tends to come back again.I have personally experienced this problem.
By defalut system restore is enabled in Windows Xp(both hame and professional).

Now the question arises that what should one do ?Turning off system restore permanently is NOT a good option as it can help in odd times.

The solution is to turn off system restore temporarily and then perform your virus or spyware scan.After scanning and removing the virus turn it on again.Yes this is the right way.It really helps a lot.You can see the result yourself.

Try this if you have ever installed a toolbar or search engine or dialer which you are unable to remove.

Just follow the steps below before performing the virus/spyware scan:

  1. Right click on My computer,go to properties.
  2. Under the System restore tab put a tick on 'Turn off system restore on all drives'.
  3. Press Apply.Then restart your Pc.
  4. Now perform the scan,remove the virus or spyware(or quarantine it).
  5. Now Turn on system restore again.


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