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Trick to Name a New Folder

Do you know that you cannot create a folder or file named "CON"(without the quotes) anywhere on your PC.If you don't yet know about this go forward and try it yourself.Try creating a folder named "CON"(without the quotes) anywhere on your hard disk and i am sure you wont be able to do so.

But the bigger challenge is this one !!!

Just copy from here "–°ON" (without the quotes) and rename your folder then paste.Yes you will be successful now!!!Isn't that strange.

If you write this somewhere else and copy it from there, it wont work.This is the magic.

Reason:The reason is that i am using Unicode.Instead of 67 as the ASCII code of C ,in the unicode,its code is 1057.That is why i am able to make a folder by this name.


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